Trump faults the U.s for ‘almost forcing’ Putin to attack Ukraine

Trump blames the US for 'nearly pushing' Putin to attack Ukraine.
Trump faults the U.s for 'almost forcing' Putin to attack Ukraine

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump faulted the US and its authority for “nearly constraining” Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine.
  • Showing up on Genuine America’s Voice, Trump blamed the US for provoking Putin with a “stupid” way of talking.
  • Trump rehashed an unjustifiable case that the Ukraine-Russia war could not have possibly occurred, assuming he was still president.

Previous President Donald Trump faulted the US for “nearly compelling” Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine, Newsweek quickly reported.

During a meeting on Saturday morning on Genuine America’s Voice, a traditional organization, the previous president blamed the US and its initiative for driving Putin into pursuing a messed up intrusion of Ukraine on February 24.

“They truly insulted him, if you truly take a gander at it, our nation and our supposed administration provoked Putin,” Trump said. “I would tune in, I would agree, you know, they’re nearly driving him to go in with what they’re talking about. The manner of speaking was so idiotic.”

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Trump gave no instances of how the US or President Joe Biden “provoked” Putin or what was the apparently “moronic” manner of speaking.

Before the meeting, the previous president guaranteed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine couldn’t have occurred if he had won the political race and served a subsequent term.

“Ukraine and Russia wouldn’t be battling,” Trump asserted. “It doesn’t mean they’d cherish one another; however, it’s impossible that they’d be battling, and it’s impossible that Putin would have gone in.”

Trump blames the US for 'nearly pushing' Putin to attack Ukraine.
Trump blames the US for ‘nearly pushing’ Putin to attack Ukraine. Image from BBC News

In the development of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Trump made the ridiculous case that Putin could never have attacked, assuming he was still in power. He referred to his positive relationship with the Russian chief.

“I knew Putin well overall. I coexisted with him extraordinarily. He loved me. I loved him,” Trump said during a “Dirt Travis and Buck Sexton Show” appearance on February 22. “When it’s all stated and done, you know, he’s an extreme treat, got a ton of the extraordinary appeal and a ton of pride, and he cherishes his country.”

Trump likewise questionably depicted Putin’s legitimization for attacking as “sagacious” and “virtuoso.”

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