The Good Nurse review – In pursuit of Eddie Redmayne’s serial killer is Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is on a mission to find Eddie Redmayne's serial killer.
The Good Nurse review –In pursuit of Eddie Redmayne's serial killer is Jessica Chastain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns have created a clever procedural thrill ride in response to Charles Cullen, the New Jersey nurse, who has committed wrongdoing.
  • With a tastelessly attractive face that transforms into a strange veil of self-indulgence and defiance, Redmayne makes a cool, quiet presentation.

Screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns has made a clever procedural thrill ride in light of the genuine wrongdoing of Charles Cullen, the New Jersey nurse. He, in 2003, was at last captured after clearly killing many patients throughout the years by secretively regulating deadly, intravenous excesses. 

The chief is Tobias Lindholm, the producer and essayist who has likewise worked with Thomas Vinterberg on The Chase and One more Round; 

Eddie Redmayne is the deceptively charming and caring Cullen, and Jessica Chastain plays his collaborator, an exhausted individual medical caretaker called Amy Loughren – a genuine figure who truly got to know Cullen, suspect the most exceedingly terrible and works with the police to get him captured. Wilson-Cairns shrewdly enhances Amy’s job by giving her an imaginary heart condition, which this film, in its end titles, rather shamelessly suggests was genuine.

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Single parent Amy is under awful resist work and covertly inclined to faintness; however, she needs more months in the gig before she is qualified for medical advantages. Her new closest companion Charlie offers to help her, take care of her little girl while she’s burning the midnight oil, conceal her cardiovascular condition and even tell her the best way to supply drugs from the clinic. 

So Amy turns out to be unwittingly complicit in his brokenness and a semi-patient figure for Charlie; somebody that he needs to make reliant upon him and a squeamish smidgen of his bigger impulse. 

The medical clinic specialists themselves are precariously mindful of unexplained passings yet don’t have any desire to confess to it, similar to all Cullen’s past managers, thus plot to deter the examination from the two hounded cops, Criminal investigators Danny Baldwin (Nnamdi Asomugha) and Tim Braun (veteran person player Noah Emmerich).

Jessica Chastain is on a mission to find Eddie Redmayne's serial killer.
Jessica Chastain is on a mission to find Eddie Redmayne’s serial killer. Image from The Variety

Redmayne gives a cool, quiet presentation, whose tastelessly attractive face turns into a strange veil of self-indulgence and refusal. There are fascinating and entertaining traces of Deadly Fascination about how Amy will get back home to track down Charlie in her condo, grinning kindly, having told the sitter she can return home. 

I can’t help thinking about how a screenwriter like James Dearden or Joe Eszterhas would have taken care of this – with much more unsubtle cuts of dread, maybe, or more cover slippage minutes for Charlie. Lindholm and Wilson-Cairns need to be less baldfaced, yet the film might have more under Charlie’s boring surface. A creepily watchable show, in any case.

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