Watch Sarah Krivanek, a former Russian prisoner, reunite with loved ones at a U.S. airport.

Sarah Krivanek
Sarah Krivanek

Greetings, shopping, Mexican food, and a real bed that felt like being “wrapped in clouds” were all part of Krivanek’s first weekend back in the United States.

After spending nine months in a Russian penal camp, Sarah Krivanek set foot on American soil for the first time in years. She immediately dropped her luggage and sprinted through the airport to hug her loved ones; she told the news.

She sobbed with happiness as “Nannie,” her fictitious mother, held her as she was greeted at the airport by her good friend Anita Martinez.

At the 1st rest stop on the way back to my house, she removed the clothes she had picked up in prison and threw them away, according to Martinez.

Sarah Krivanek; image from Yahoo

It was a symbolic act to remove “the muck from the horrible hole I had spent one year in,” Krivanek continues.

Recently, Krivanek spoke at length to the news about her harrowing experience in what she called “Hell Camp” and what it meant to regain connection with the outside world recently.

She was only released from prison on Thursday, the same day that WNBA star Brittney Griner, another American woman detained in Russia, boarded a flight back to the United States.

She ordered a Mexican dish at the following stop because she and Martinez had been discussing it during her one-month incarceration in a Ryazan deportation cell.

She slept peacefully in a bed that made her feel “like I was wrapped in clouds” on her first night back in the United States.

She asked Martinez if she might take a shower when she awoke. It didn’t feel right because it wasn’t a Tuesday or a Saturday, when inmates in the penal colony were typically transported to the bathhouse.

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