Trump’s bizarre rally ending mesmerizes the crowd

Trump Ends Rally in Strange Way, Leaving Crowd Transfixed
Trump's bizarre rally ending mesmerizes the crowd

Key Takeaways:

  • Sensational strings music began to play in the background while the previous president spoke for the eight minutes that ended his speech.
  • The two melodies were further broken down by Media Matters using a software called Daringness, and this analysis “viewed their sound profiles as practically indistinguishable.”

Toward the finish of Saturday night’s Trump rally, something weird (indeed, more unusual than expected) occurred. As the previous president conveyed the eight-minute discourse that closed his discourse, sensational strings music started to play behind the scenes. A piece of the hypnotized group raised their hands with their pointer fingers stretched out in an odd salute.

The melody has not been conclusively recognized, albeit some — including The Everyday Monster’s Will Sommer — said it is named “WWG1WGA” after the QAnon trademark, “Where we go one, we go all,” and is associated with the development.

The New York Times’s Maggie Haberman conjectured Trump might have utilized a melody named “Mirrors” by film and television writer Will Van De Crommer. However, as a music teacher who dissected “Mirrors” after Trump involved it in a video told Bad habit in August, the two melodies are “indistinguishable.”

Trump Ends Rally in Strange Way, Leaving Crowd Transfixed
Trump Ends Rally in Strange Way, Leaving Crowd Transfixed. Image from Deccan Herald

“I have paid attention to both [“Mirrors” and “WWG1WGA”] intently a few times now, and I have 100 percent proficient certainty these accounts are indistinguishable, not so much as a reevaluation of a synthesis, yet a similar recording,” David Dominique told Bad habit News.

Media Matters additionally broke down the two melodies utilizing programming called Daringness and “viewed their sound profiles as essentially indistinguishable.”

The convention tune is hands down the most recent advancement in Trump’s evident hug of QAnon. Recently, Trump presented on Truth Social a photograph of himself wearing a Q lapel pin with the words “The Tempest is Coming” — one more expression utilized by the Q development — superimposed on the picture. The “storm,” devotees say, is a reference to Best’s re-visitation of the administration when he will rebuff his foes in the Covert government.

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