John Legend Admits to Chrissy Teigen That He “Wasn’t a Great Partner”

John Legend Confesses He Wasn't a "Great Partner" to Chrissy Teigen
John Legend Admits to Chrissy Teigen That He "Wasn't a Great Partner"

Key Takeaways:

  • John Legend is reflecting on the beginning of his relationship with Chrissy Teigen, his current wife.
  • Legend, 43, claimed that as time passed, it became clear to him that he would have to alter his plans in order to fight for his relationship with the person he loves.

John Legend is considering the beginning of his sentiment with his now spouse, Chrissy Teigen.

The Hollywood power couple initially met on a music video set in 2006 and became friends in a split second. Regardless of needing to take things slow, their sentiment immediately warmed up, and the two later secured the bunch in 2013.

While talking on the most recent episode of the Intentionally with Jay Shetty digital broadcast distributed on Monday, the “Every last bit of Me” singer conceded he wasn’t as dedicated at the beginning of his relationship with Teigen, 36.

“I assume I was more egotistical then,” he made sense of. “I was certainly not an extraordinary accomplice toward the start of our relationship, although I was excited about her and exceptionally eager to accompany her. I was as yet narrow-minded. I was in my mid-20s, still not prepared to completely be the serious accomplice that I am currently.”

As time elapsed, Legend, 43, said it later occurred that he expected to change to battle for the relationship with the individual he adores.

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“At the point when you quit being so egotistical when you contemplate not just the delight you get from a circumstance and the joy you get from it, yet additionally ponder your obligation and your responsibility in that. You simply develop, and you mature,” he said. “A piece of it is inevitable’s. You want time to turn into that individual you need to be.”

Their consistently developing adoration for one another additionally propelled him to create his track, “I Don’t Cherish You Like I Used To.”

“At the point when we initially met, we were extremely drawn to one another; our science was perfect; however, that degree of fascination is more similar to fixation toward the start of a relationship,” the EGOT victor proceeded. “Also, when it can endure over the long haul, love must be more profound and more genuine than that. We’ve experienced enough together that it’s truly sustained us and made us more grounded. 

Those tests have caused us to come together and acknowledge things about one another that we didn’t know about. Furthermore, going through all that … to have the option to compose and sing a tune called ‘I Don’t Cherish You Like I Used To.’ It’s unique currently, yet it’s better.”

John Legend Confesses He Wasn't a "Great Partner" to Chrissy Teigen
John Legend Confesses He Wasn’t a “Great Partner” to Chrissy Teigen. Image from Yahoo

The pair, who share two children, Luna Simone, 6, and Miles Theodore, 4, anticipate another expansion should the family subsequently experience a pregnancy misfortune barely a long time back.

Through the promising and less promising times in their relationship, Legend shared he had the option to find out such a huge amount about Teigen’s character, which assisted him with valuing her significantly more.

“How she responds to pressure, how she responds to life, how she can see a joke even in the most insane … indeed, even in distress, she’s ready to track down humor,” he added. “I feel like you see such countless things about your accomplice as you become together and as you experience affliction together, and what I’ve seen from her equitable made me love her more and worth her more. 

I believe she’s cooler now than I at any point thought she was. I super have seen her in a wide range of circumstances. I simply esteem her more and am in wonder of her more than I at any point have been.”

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