Jeff Lewis, star of “Flipping Out,” displays a smaller pout following the removal of his lip fillers

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis

In Wednesday’s episode of See What Happens Life, Andy Cohen referred to Lewis‘ lip filler as an “iconic stint that spanned 20 years and four presidents.”

Bethenny Frankel and Lewis both appeared in the episode, and Cohen, 54, brought up Lewis’ recent lip reduction. The Flipping Out star’s lip filler had an “iconic stay that spanned 20 years and four presidents,” the presenter remarked, adding, “I need to congratulate Jeff on new having his lip fillers dissolved.”

The camera went to Lewis, 52, to display his pout, from which the star’s decades-old filler was removed earlier this year. He answered Cohen’s congrats with a simple “yup” and a nod.

The host made a pun by saying, “And because Jeff is current on [The RealHousewives of Salt Lake City], I hope he can give us some lip about all the drama there.”

Jeff Lewis; image from Yahoo

In August, the host of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis initially disclosed that he had his filler removed.

Lewis recalled that upon visiting his dermatologist on a separate occasion, the “no-nonsense, no-bulls—- guy” warned him, “I’m not going to perform any work for you until we correct your lip,” during an appearance on Cohen’s SiriusXM channel.

The interior designer told Lewis that he had noticed on his own that his filler, which he had received 20 years earlier and believed to be “90 percent dissipated,” had moved to the sides of his upper lip. The interior designer said, “Over the years I haven’t liked it but I thought they’re going to have to cut open my lip and take it out.”

Lewis claims that the treatment was “10 out of 10” painful for the dermatologist, who informed the former Bravo star that he wanted to remove the previous filler that day.

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