Christina Applegate claims that after receive a “very hard” MS diagnosis, her “humour shield” keeps her afloat

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate

The actress also jokingly claimed to have written the Christmas song “Disabey Baby,” which is darkly humorous.

Christina Applegate admits that she has recently relied more on her comedic abilities.

As Applegate put it, “My humour armour keeps me OK, but of course, deep on the inside, you feel the things.” “I kind of do it to deflect and also make people not be afraid to be around me,” you say.

I want people to feel at ease when they see me as a disabled person, she continued. That we may make light of it.

She also made a joke about writing a holiday song called “Disabey Baby” with the presenter Kelly Clarkson, 40, and gave the audience a sneak peek. “Tonight, hasten down the chimney… Because my wheelchair won’t fit down it, I am unable to “As she sang.

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Applegate, who was diagnose with multiple sclerosis in August 2021, told Clarkson during the filming of the 3rd season of her Netflix series Dead to Me that returning to the project gave her a platform to express her feelings.

She told Clarkson that she frequently uses her job as an actress to distract herself from real-life problems, such as breakups, trauma, and even breast cancer, and that filming the show was no exception.

Applegate made her 1st public appearance since being diagnosed with MS at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, where she was honoured with a coveted star for her acting work.

During her speech, the actress mentioned that she couldn’t stand for long due to her condition and even teased, “I have a disease, by the way. Did you miss it? I’m not wearing anything! Anyway, you’re supposed to laugh.”

She did, however, cry while discussing what the honour meant to her and the significance of the event.

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