Tuscany’s perplexing ‘cave roads’

Key takeaways:  Little is had some significant awareness of the old Etruscans. However, one of the pieces of information they left behind is an organization of depressed ways said to interface life in living color with the place known for the dead.

The archaic remains of Great Zimbabwe

Key takeaways:  The old city of Extraordinary Zimbabwe was a design miracle. Yet, archeologists attributed it to Phoenicians, Babylonians, Arabians – anybody, however, the Africans who assembled it. Approaching the transcending walls of Extraordinary Zimbabwe was a lowering encounter. The nearer I

Portugal’s impenetrable ‘birthing stones’

Key takeaways:  In northern Portugal, a land peculiarity has bewildered researchers for a long time: the uncommon Pedras Parideiras, or “Birthing Stones,” which appear to generate child rocks supernaturally. The breeze whipped across my face as I remained on the edge of