CEO of Nuestra.TV Alberto “Banano” Pardo soars with the company

CEO of Nuestra.TV Alberto
CEO of Nuestra.TV Alberto

Alberto Pardo had an ambition of becoming a pilot since he was a young boy in his home in Colombia. Pardo, also known as “Banano,” is now a thriving tech, digital transformation, and e-commerce entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of soarin’ high in the media industry and the big blue skies. He is the co-founder and CEO of Nuestra.TV, a free, bilingual on-demand video streaming network, and the founder and CEO of the worldwide digital advertising solutions firm Adsmovil.

Pardo discusses his passion for flying, how his upbringing inspired his foray into the digital sector, and how being a CEO is similar to being a pilot in this interview.

You succeeded in realizing your childhood ambition.

CEO of Nuestra.TV Alberto; image from Forbes

Exactly. I obtained an industrial engineering degree from a university in Colombia before moving to the United States to pursue an MBA. The first thing I did after completing my master’s degree was take flying lessons. Now that I have my license, I fly privately. I have a mad obsession with airplanes within my thoughts. I participate in every online and social media community related to them.

My son isn’t aware that I want to be a pilot, but I can see in him and other youngsters that they share my son’s fascination with airplanes. More than just transportation, planes represent travel. Flying involves imagination, creation, exploration, and travel. I’ve been on a lot of trips in my life. Along with the US, I’ve lived in many other places throughout Latin America. I’ve done a lot of things beforehand. Everything is closely tied to my earliest aspirations of flying.

In Colombia’s capital city of, Bogota, I grew up. My father gave me an AppleAAPL +0.7% II Plus in 1983, one of the company’s initial models. In high school, I was the only one with a computer.

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